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A review of security at the Houses of Parliament has been ordered after Wednesday's flour bomb attack. Around £5m is expected to be spent on [1] the system to help stop similar incidents happening again .

New security measures already planned include an new entrance where members of the public would be screened .

Tony Blair , Chancellor Gordon Brown and other [2] politicians were [3] with flour [4] purple by a dads“ rights group called Fathers 4 Justice .

The security review will look at the system that allows people to sit in the public [5] .

It will also ask why MPs were allowed to leave the room before they knew what the purple powder was .

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The incident comes just weeks after a £600 ,000 security screen was [8] in the Commons . Two men have been arrested following the flour attacks .

Fathers 4 Justice , which campaigns for dads to be allowed to see their [9] , has carried out lots of high-profile [10] in recent months .

Sometimes dressed as superheroes , [11] have climbed bridges and brought [12] to a [13] .

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