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The most common verbs followed by Infinitives and Gerunds

The size of the letters indcates how frequently each word is used with the infinitive or gerund. In general verbs + infinitives are twice as common as verbs + gerunds. 'NP' means 'noun phrase' - a word or phrase like 'the policeman', 'her', 'glucose'. "I wanted her to go" is an example for 'want NP'

types ofverbs



aspectual verbs begin, start, continue keep (on), start, stop, begin, go on
desire want, like, wish, need, hope, want NP  
effort try, attempt, manage, fail, get  
existence/occurence seem, tend, appear  
intention or decision decide, agree, intend, mean, prepare, be prepared  
cognition expect NP, find NP, learn, be expected  
modality or causation allow NP, require NP, enable NP  
(aspect or) manner   go (around), come, sit, spend (time)
perception   see NP, hear NP
speech acts ask NP, be asked  
other communication verbs prove NP  
description   be used for
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the data and the descriptions in the first column are taken from the 'Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English'