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As a Spanish student wishing to study in Britain, you will find a variety of information about general and higher education in the United Kingdom, and on accredited English language schools.

Learning English:

About Britain:

Going to Britain:

The LearnEnglish portal ... A one-click, one-stop shop for all the British Council's language learning services.
The British Council's website for all learners of English

A user's guide to style, culture and technology in the UK
British Council website about the impact of science and technology on design, entertainment, fashion, film, life and music in Britain

The best you can be!
British Council website for international students interested in studying for a UK course or qualification

The British Council's website for younger learners of English

Created to reflect the excellence and diversity of British music today, The Selector is a two hour radio show which aims to promote to the world the new sounds, talents and musical culture of modern Britain.
A radio show produced for the British Council - created to reflect the excellence and diversity of British music today

English Courses in Britain
EFL Services Ltd website for students interested in learning English in Britain at a centre that has been inspected by the British Council

Practise your English and improve your soccer-slang with our games, quizzes and football dictionaries!
Produced by the BBC and the British Council
Talk football, meet people, learn English

Planet Britain 2000 offers a wealth of information about the many attractions and opportunities Britain has to offer young people from across the world
Planet Britain - Foreign and Commonwealth Office website with information about Britain for young people

Visit Britain - your official travel guide to Britain British Tourist Authority website: Visit Britain - your official travel guide to Britain

The purpose of MilitaryEnglish is to help military personnel  improve their English so that they will be able to play a full and effective role in future peace support operations should they ever be required to do so.
The British Council's website for learners of English in peace-keeping forces

English, Welsh, Irish, Gaelic, Bengali, Sylheti, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi/Urdu, Turkish and more 
A British Council website about the range of languages spoken in the UK today
Hundreds of links to the very best British websites British Tourist Authority website:
Your survival guide to Britain - a guide to living and holidaying in Britain

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