Advanced Students

Time Place Others
at 7 o'clock / one thirty
at noon / midnight
at night
at Christmas
at the weekend
at lunch / lunchtime
at the time / the moment
at the age of 7
at 18
at the beginning of
at the end of
at the door / window
at the bus-stop
at school / church / home / work / university
at Peter’s party
at the cinema / theatre
at the supermarket
at the baker's
at John’s (house)
at 10 Mill Street
at the top of / the bottom of
at the back of / the front of
at the end of
at 100 kph
look at
smile at
arrive at a party / the office
shout at
throw stones at
the train stops at Cambridge
at £30 a night
at 60p a kilo
at that price
good at mathematics
Not at all.
in the morning / evening
in the afternoon
in July
in (the) summer
in the holidays
in 1997
in the 70s
in the 21st century
in his (early) thirties
in an hour(‘s time)
in bed
in China
in Paris
in his room
in the car
in the street
in the park
in a box
in London Road
in a book / magazine
in chapter 1 / your letter
in a speech / a film
in that song
in an interview
in the middle / the centre
in front of
in the refrigerator
in love
(dressed) in black
(dressed) in jeans
in English
in (plenty of) time
go in. (into a room)
get in. (into a car / taxi)
arrive in Barcelona / Catalonia
in my car
in an ambulance
in style
in line with
in history
in (the) class
in writing
in silence
in brief
in embarrassment
in fact
in view of
in the way
on Friday / my birthday
on Christmas Day
on 21st June
on Monday morning / afternoon / evening / night
on that occasion
on my birthday
on arrival
on discovering .....
on the wall / cover
on the table / refrigerator
on the road / way
on the river / coast
on top of
on the third floor
on a bus
on TV / the radio
on ‘Malalts de Tele’
on the phone
on the left / right
on page 11
on earth / the moon / Mars
(a book) on modern art
go on
on and on
get on (a bus)
on holiday
on a trip
on business
on foot
on a bus / train / plane / ship
on a budget
on a diet
on (the) stage
on the way to
and so on.