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A lot of links to help anyone thinking of taking an IELTS test.

Let me know what you think of them.

Click here to visit the official IELTS site

A set of course materials that were designed to integrate on-line learning with face to face teaching for IELTS preparation. It was produced as part of a dissertation for an M.Ed in Educational Technology and ELT at Manchester University by Pete MacKichan
Click on 'OK, I'm Ready' and then choose the Main Menu and you can do Unit 1 on 'Recreation'
Welcome to the Holmesglen IELTS Preparation website. This site is designed to help you prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test.
IELTS Preparation

Reading & Listening practice and how to write about graphs! (Brilliant!)
Taking the IELTS test
Taking the IELTS test

Advice and some practice material

A Listening Test
A Reading Test
A Writing test
A Speaking Test

IELTS preparation hints
A good place to choose stories to read about and an easy way to listen to news stories
ALL newspapers on ONE site
Everybody is invited to post here their essays/letters (IELTS writing section). Don't hesitate to tell your opinion about compositions of other members.  Description: IELTS - International English Language Testing System. Main goals of this group: 1) information sharing about IELTS exam; 2) improving English skills while communicating; 3) meeting new people with the same interests.
A group in ICQ
Yahoo! groups that mention IELTS
Yahoo! groups that mention IELTS
Here are three good places to practise listening. This will help you with the listening in IELTS:
English Bites - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Listen and follow the transcripts
- Look at
Story Archive - from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Watch the video clips and test your comprehension in Listen out! Check what you have heard by looking at the tapescripts.
Listen - you can follow the transcripts, too - from the BBC
Hundreds of stories to read and/or listen to with vocabulary helpLearning English
News stories, business stories, entertainment stories and sports stories
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