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Reporting verbs with the construction highlighted


He accused me of stealing his idea.

I admitted stealing his idea.

I must admit (to you) (that) it seems improbable.

He advises me to go ahead with the plan.

It was his best friend who advised (him) that he leave his job.

She agrees (with me) that we have made a mistake.

I agreed to let them stay with us.

I apologise for troubling you.

She asked him to marry her.

I must ask you to be quiet.

We asked that they (should) be punctual. [formal]

You can't blame him for feeling upset.

Their boss congratulated them on solving the problem.

What made you decide to get married?

She decided (that) she would have to leave the country.

He denied that he was to blame.

They deny doing anything wrong.

Her husband encouraged her to look for a job.

I explained that the problem was serious.

She insisted (to her) that she had to leave.

I insist (that) you go to the police.

He insists on paying for the meal.

I invited them to join the team.

We offered to take them to the airport.

They ordered that no one (should) be left alive.

He ordered me to go back to my desk.

I promise to take the children to the cinema.

He promised (her) that he would return one day.

He recommends (us) that the product should be withdrawn.

I do not recommend you to follow in my footsteps.

The doctor recommended taking more exercise.

They refused to consider the proposal.

He reminded her (that) she had a husband.

I said (that) I would be going to Cambridge.

Remind me to take that book back to the library.

Might I suggest (that) you consider my offer again?

All the evidence suggests they should be arrested.

He tells me that he is very angry.

I told them to get out of my house.

He threatened to resign.

I warned him not to waste his time with her.

She warned (him) (that) it might rain.


Examples Chris Fry, Barcelona

From an idea by Richard Acklam in First Certificate Gold (Longman)